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I provide considerate, thorough and empathetic coaching focused on helping you identify and set meaningful and realistic goals, so that you can overcome the challenges you're facing, grow and excel. Together, we will create a plan of action to help you realise your fullest potential.

How does it work?


Book a free 15 minute taster session - all sessions are online

It's a chance for us to:

  • get to know each other 

  • determine the main challenges you are facing

  • decide how often you would like to have sessions (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)


Book sessions at a regular time that suits you and your schedule

You can:

  • pay per session for flexibility

  • book multiple sessions at once for a discount

Standard: 6x 30 minute sessions total, 1 session every 2 weeks


We will work together through the sessions to empower you to make the right changes

Together, we will:

  • explore your current circumstances

  • identify and outline your goals

  • discuss and identify how you will reach your goals

  • establish a clear action plan to unlock your potential

Dhanyasri Ramadurai
Scientific Editor at Cactus Communications

"I had a wonderful experience as Maryam’s mentee/coachee in 2021 as a part of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Women in Science scheme at King’s College London. She was always incredibly friendly and approachable, and gave me the space that I needed to talk about and reflect on things without judgment. Maryam’s infectious positivity always made me look forward to our meetings; she was always super involved and took the effort to make our sessions interactive and thought-provoking. She constantly gave me new perspectives to reflect on myself and the world which continue to impact me now, and her encouragement really helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my academic life. Anyone would be privileged to work with Maryam, and I can’t recommend her enough as a mentor/coach."

Request a Coaching Quote

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This will help me design a tailored coaching schedule that works for you.


Thank you for getting in touch! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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