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I offer a specalist writing service, covering topics such as: mental health, neuroscience, psychology, video games, internet culture, media, and more. With a focus on attention to detail combined with story-telling, scientific knowledge, psychology, and a variety of different styles, my writing remains clear, coherent, concise, and fun.

Blogs & Articles

I offer a creative writing service, crafting captivating and scientific blogs and articles with fresh angles on interesting topics, all matched to your brand's tone and the power of the right words to engage your readers!


I offer high quality editing through attention to detail, thorough care, consideration, and clear communication. Let's work together to ensure finishing touches are added to every piece and your work reads well.

My blog about parasocial relationships on Twitch and their impact on mental health was the 2nd most viewed blog on the award-winning InSPIre the Mind digital magazine in 2021, making up 1.27% of total page views that year.

I am excited by creating thought-provoking, stimulating content. I specialise in writing about topics that are deeply important to me, such as:

Neuroscience, psychology & mental health

Lived experience

Internet culture

Gaming & media

Young people’s mental health

With my extensive experience and interest in these areas and my background in neuroscience and pharmacology, I am able to bring a fresh and informed perspective to any piece. I am very flexible and I’m interested in a wide range of topics, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have something in mind.

Writing Portfolio

You can read all of my published pieces below.

Editing Portfolio

You can read all of the pieces I have either edited or contributed to below.

Catherine Shuttleworth
Freelance Writer

"Maryam and I have worked together on pieces for over a year now and every piece we get to work on together is a pleasure. Maryam has a great eye for detail, and is perfect at giving writers constructive feedback to help bring out the most potential. She’s always there when you have a question, and is evidence of what a good editor and writer should be. I hope to work with her for many years to come, and can’t wait to see all she achieves in the industry."

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