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I provide engaging, tailored speaking services that are informative, relatable and interactive. My open and knowledgeable approach creates a safe environment for the audience, and helps deliver strong and memorable take-home messages.

Maryam Presenting InSPIre the Mind
Maryam Presenting KCL

My workshops provide interactive and thought-provoking discussions coupled with activities that are designed to encourage reflection on various topics: mental wellbeing, career and student success, and workplace wellbeing.


I deliver insightful, inspiring and relatable presentations with clear take-home messages. My engaging and informative presentations will help the audience gain a comprehensive understanding of different topics: career journeys, neuroscientifc concepts, mental wellbeing.

Lectures & Seminars

I provide knowledgeable lectures and seminars in a scientific and academic setting, allowing for deep discussions that make complex topics easier to digest. My approach makes learning enjoyable and informative.


As a young woman of colour within the STEM field, I bring a crucial and relatable perspective to the table. Through an open and honest approach, I can share my expertise and knowledge, as well as my personal experiences, to motivate and empower attendees.

Sample Topics

Student Wellbeing

Stress and anxiety & the tools to manage

Why do we feel stress and anxiety and what techniques can we learn to manage them?

Setting boundaries

How to set boundaries with different people in our lives and why it's important to set them

Mental health: the ins and outs

What is mental health, how does it link to our physical health and why do we need to prioritise our own mental wellbeing?

Revision & preparing for exams

Exam season is typically a stressful period, how can we adequately prepare and manage this stress?

Student Careers

Careers in STEM & mental health

Exploring the various career options in STEM and the field of mental health

Application tips & how to market yourself

How to craft a well-rounded application that represents your motivations and aspirations

Navigating your career journey

Figuring out next steps and how to overcome challenges, changes and choices

Handling failure

Failure can be tough to accept, how can we overcome it and continue moving forwards?

Staff Wellbeing

Understanding & avoiding burnout

Are staff working to the point of mental and/or physical exhaustion?

Managing work-related stress & anxiety

Overall staff wellbeing, techniques on how to manage stress, why it’s important to focus on our work-related wellbeing

Imposter syndrome

What is it, why do we feel it and how can we overcome it? Identifying our imposterism

Finding life-work balance

Is work taking up more time, space and energy, leaving none for more pleasurable activities?

Managing procrastination

Why do we put off completing important tasks, leaving things til last minute, and how can we manage it?

Managing professional relationships

How we can navigate professional relationships and address the more challenging ones appropriately

Mahnoor Mahmood
Science Teacher at Robert Clack School

"Maryam presented her journey from school to her current role to Y11 pupils, with the aim to promote STEM careers for BAME individuals. Maryam’s presentation was incredibly relatable and engaging for pupils. Maryam spoke on her experiences with relation to her background and was refreshingly honest with pupils, which they appreciated and felt that their questions were welcomed and well answered. Seeing Maryam’s presentation was, for many of them, validation and representation in a form that they do not usually get."

Saloni Ghai
Assistant Psychologist at IAPT Hounslow

"As part of the Intersectional Feminist Society, I invited Maryam to speak for an event we held on the experience of navigating the scientific world as a woman, where she reflected on balancing personal life with career goals. Maryam has been an inspiring and supporting figure in my professional journey and is a well-organized, creative and humble individual."

Rachel Demetriou
IoPPN Careers Consultant

"Maryam attended the IoPPN Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Careers Forum & Networking Event online. During this time, Maryam demonstrated a very high level of knowledge and expertise in guiding our students to consider a career as a Research Assistant. I found Maryam to be a warm, honest, insightful and a very positive speaker, who was hugely popular amongst out students both at UG and PG level.  Feedback from students was very well received and I feel Maryam’s contribution to this event added to the richness of diversity and expertise overall."

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